Latest Government Guidelines

As per the latest Government guidelines, we have closed the London Road South shop and the Donation Centre on Tennyson Rd until the restrictions are lifted.

Thank you for all your support !

We plan to reopen the Charity Shop and Donation Centre/shop on the 12th April as per the latest Government guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Take care & stay safe!

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The Brainwave Independence Group was founded to provide quality support for people with brain injury and disability. We are a local charity, set up to ensure that the people we support receive the very best to enable them to achieve their full potential.

We currently provide care packages including advocacy, assessment, advice and guidance through a labyrinth of professional services, from benefits GP services Day Care and respite provision.

Our aim is to open a centre for community-based activities, offering a supportive environment that provides a rolling programme of activities for people with brain injuries and related disabilities, together with their families and supporters. 

It is hoped that our centre, to be named “The Point”, will become the central hub for the charity and that it will provide an ever-increasing level of services to people who need support.

Our Mission

What We Do

We offer support/advice to people with brain injury, disabilities, their families and support staff in our local community.

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Upcoming Events

We work closely with many local organisations and aim to keep our members updated on upcoming events in our local area.

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Our Community

Our online community offers a much needed support network, freeing many members from the isolation they once experienced.

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Latest opportunities, please click on the link –
Job Ad 3 in One

I don’t feel alone anymore, coming across this group of people that understand me, has given me the inspiration to carry on. I feel like I am a part of society again!


Being a part of the charity & taking on the responsibility in counting and banking the monies we all raise, gives me a great sense of meaning in my life & feeling important as a person.


I have been given a new lease of life! My ideas are put into practice; I can now make things in the woodwork area despite being paralyzed on my right side. Making new friends & meeting people in the same position as me, is helping me to move forward with my life!


After having my RTA in 2004 being left registered blind/ severe partial sighted, having a brain injury and epilepsy, Brainwave has given me hope that I have a future ahead as I am able to help make deliveries to people who are facing the same challenges as myself. I have been given a new lease of life and quite excited by the things that we are achieving with the charity and community. I love the social interaction as I can meet new people and help others along the way.