Tracey Bowler, founder of Brainwave Independence Group:

“In 2004, My son was in a road traffic accident, where he was ejected through the rear windscreen of a car. He was in a coma for four months & spent the best part of a year in hospital due to the extensive injuries that he had sustained. My son is left with a severe brain injury, he is registered blind/severe partial sighted and has epilepsy.”

Since the accident Tracey came to realise that there was little understanding, help or support for her son and his disabilities, especially within the Waveney and East Suffolk/Norfolk vicinity. Tracey was frustrated that those with brain injuries were often added to other groups who had no expertise with brain injury and related disability. Coming across so many other people in the same situation made it apparent that something had to be done in our society.

After getting together a dedicated group of volunteers, we raised £5,000 to allow us to apply for our charity registration.

Since then, we have worked tirelessly to raise funds through numerous
fund-raising events. In 2017 we opened our first charity shop in Lowestoft and due to the tremendous support from our local community we will soon be in a position to open a Day Centre. Our Day Centre, to be named “The Point” will offer support to those with brain injury and their care support network. It will also become the administrative hub of our charity. We plan to open this as soon as we are allowed to do so, but rest assured we are making plans in the background to be ready for when we can open.

While our charity is growing, we currently fund:

  • Trained support staff

  • Woodwork/craft shop

  • Placements at varied day/activity centres, which are stimulating and age appropriate, helping to improve low self-esteem and self-worth

  • Healthcare services like chiropody, dentists

  • Arrange meaningful days out

  • Purchase items that are specific to needs to improve a person’s lifestyle

Currently we raise funds by holding various events throughout the year like:

  • Annual fun day

  • Coffee mornings

  • Sponsored Bike Rides

  • Parachute jumps

  • Bag packing at local supermarkets

  • Quiz nights



I don’t feel alone anymore, coming across this group of people that understand me, has given me the inspiration to carry on. I feel like I am a part of society again!


Being a part of the charity & taking on the responsibility in counting and banking the monies we all raise, gives me a great sense of meaning in my life & feeling important as a person.


I have been given a new lease of life! My ideas are put into practice; I can now make things in the woodwork area despite being paralyzed on my right side. Making new friends & meeting people in the same position as me, is helping me to move forward with my life!


After having my RTA in 2004 being left registered blind/ severe partial sighted, having a brain injury and epilepsy, Brainwave has given me hope that I have a future ahead as I am able to help make deliveries to people who are facing the same challenges as myself. I have been given a new lease of life and quite excited by the things that we are achieving with the charity and community. I love the social interaction as I can meet new people and help others along the way.